Thoughts on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. a man of great conviction and great courage who, along with his compatriots, remade race relations in this country.  Although many would say his dream is not fully realized (the higher rates of poverty and incarceration among minorities support their position), we have come a long way from the era of Jim Crow laws and casual, pervasive racism.

When I tell my children about the Civil Rights Movement or about slavery, they find it hard to believe. Why would anyone enslave someone, demean someone, forbid them jobs, or food, or hotel rooms because of the color of their skin?  “Seriously, mom? Seriously?”

The fact that they have trouble believing me shows that our country has made progress. The fact that the big deal of Obama’s election is strange to them shows we’ve made progress. (“Really, mom? He’s the first non-white president? That’s weird.”)

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