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This is autumn?

We recently moved from Virginia to Texas. Although, I grew up in West Texas, I spent 10 years in Virginia and fell in love with the beautiful autumn colors.

When we moved back to Texas, I knew what to expect: more heat, fewer trees, more twang. But they do have some trees. And yes, Texas has more light and less water, etc., etc. I didn’t expect a spectacular explosion of colors, but I thought we’d get something. I thought wrong.

Our trees are still mostly green and mostly clothed. It’s November 18th, fall already, you pesky leaves!

And here is our Autumn Glory. All we have are oaks, so we get brown leaves. Along with all certain concerns regarding men s erectile dysfunction, guys generally found battling to obtain difficult challenging the best viagra on and somewhat notice drop in erections that isn t a good level for satisfying intercourse. The metallic components will vardenafil levitra online rust and weaken. Being pregnant puts extra pressure on your muscles, joints and veins cheapest cialis professional which can make your stomach uncomfortable. Impotence issue or Erectile female viagra 100mg Dysfunction condition might result from vascular disease, diabetes, neurological disease, or prostate-related solutions or penile surgeries. Our tree in front of our house died (an oak, of course.) We’re thinking of planting a Texas Ash and a Dogwood. (State tree of Virginia!) Hopefully, we’ll get some color from them. I wanted a Magnolia, but it doesn’t seem like such a good use of resources to plant such a thirsty tree in this area of the country. (Someday, somewhere, I will have my Magnolia tree! Or not. But I do love Magnolias. The big Southern Magnolias, not the wimpy dwarf trees I see around here.)

Of course, the kids are having fun raking up small piles and jumping into them. At least we have that option, and color doesn’t matter for leaf pile jumping. Yep, this is autumn.

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