The strength of desire

As previously mentioned, Little Miss had tendon lengthening surgery on her ankles last week. She has been doing very well and the pain is mostly gone. She has a walker to get around the house, but it’s a bit cumbersome. The doctor told her that she’d be able walk without the walker in a couple of weeks. When she was hurting, she enjoyed having things brought to her and relaxing on the couch. Now that she’s feeling better, she sees what she’s missing out on.

So she set a goal: to be rid of the walker by next Friday. I told her that in order to meet her goal, she had to do work at it. And she has been working, almost a little too diligently. I told her that she had to tell me before trying a new activity so I could make sure it was safe. For women, it is also used to treat post and cialis price online pre-natal difficulties. The favorability of their use have been due to their capability to treat broad range of causes of erectile dysfunction which includes smoking and alcoholic activities, increasing age, generico viagra on line http://www.learningworksca.org/feed/ heart disease, and etc. Showers and colleagues note that this intensive workshop model is sufficient for managers to introduce new strategies in their working environment, but without additional support fewer than ten percent will persist long enough to integrate the new skills into their repertoire. viagra in uk As a matter of fact, excessive drinking buy viagra where has been associated with oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, alteration of glial function. Later, she overheard me talking to another mom with whom we have a standing park playdate after piano lessons (there’s some alliteration for you!). I mentioned we might want to look at an alternative for the park because of Little Miss’s mobility issues. This did not go over well. She is tired of missing out on stuff. She’s tired of sitting around and not going outside. So she’s chucked the walker entirely and is asking to go to the park. I told her we’d decide tomorrow if she’s doing well enough. Somehow, I think she will be.

It’s amazing what we can do when we really want something. Now if she just really wanted her bedroom cleaned.

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