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The story of the saint


For St. Patrick’s Day, you should listen to this wonderful episode of Circe Institute’s The Commons with Dr. Jonathan Rogers who wrote a book about Patrick.

Some thoughts:

Dr. Rogers sounds so much like my brother — both his voice and his speech patterns — that it kind of freaked me out. I was tempted to call and make sure he isn’t living a double life as an academic in Tennessee.

Ireland was the first nation to become Christian without first becoming Roman.
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Dr. Rogers talks a lot of the joy and humor in Patrick’s story. He concludes: “We’re reminded from his life that human history, in the end, is a divine comedy. And in the end, love wins out and all the darkness can’t compete with even the smallest candle. All the death that ever was barely filled a cup when it sat next to light. That sort of life and laughter and joy just spills out of the Patrick story, and a lot of it comes from the fact that he was not afraid. He didn’t let himself let the darkness of the world around him paralyze him or make him too afraid, and he just charged forward.”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. However else you celebrate, do listen to this podcast and raise a glass to a remarkable man of God.

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