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Facebook is an interesting place where you find out what happened to your high school friends and kids you used to babysit, find out what everyone’s had for breakfast and how far they’ve run, and get spammed by great deals on fashion and home goods. It’s also a place where various pleas for help are seen. Help me get 100,000 likes for the puppies or the soldiers or Jesus. More heartbreaking: help find this missing teen or the elderly man who’s missing and needs medication. I try to share the urgent, skipping the popularity contests (sorry puppies, soldiers, and Jesus). Usually, you hit share, send it into the cloud, and never find out what happened next. Did the teen make it home? Is the old man safe?

On Monday afternoon, the following post came across my Facebook timeline, and I shared it with my followers.


I shared it on my timeline and said a prayer, but like most of the things of this nature, I really didn’t expect to hear about it further.
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This morning I read that the church had been overwhelmed with calls from around the world of families wanting this baby, and they’re now working with the birth mother to choose the right family.

Hooray for happy endings, and for finding out about them.

(For the record, I’m a huge fan of puppies, soldiers, and Jesus. Not in that order.)

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