The new sensation (soon to be) sweeping the nation!

As weird, unsocialized homeschoolers, we sometimes miss out on the cool trends.  Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, for example, are not known in this house.  Neither is the word “tween” nor any product or show aimed at that particular demographic.   I spend too much time with my children for them to become obsessed with pop culture that will drive me bats.  Mythbusters obsession? Fine.  Dangerous, but fine.  Pop-star whose voice has yet to change?  No thanks.

However, we have not missed the silly bands craze. It’s harmless fun that reminds me a lot of the friendship pins and friendship bracelet trends of my youth.  (I actually taught the girls to make friendship bracelets.  Friends are friends forever!)

Anyway, silly bands are great and come in almost any shape you want.  Almost.  But what if you want Tux, the Linux Penguin?  You’re out of luck.  Or are you?

Introducing The Sillybandfactory! Make your own sillyband in any shape your lil’ ol’ brain can conjure.

Tux, the Linux Penguin, created by  MTG

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It’s simple and brilliant.  You use pegs to outline the shape, place the band around the pegs and bake it.  Like Shrinky Dinks!  I love crafts you can bake!  (The silly bands don’t actually shrink.) 

Our friend actually invented this wonderful contraption and my kids spent the afternoon creating.  Each creation takes about 30 minutes start to finish, so four children had to exercise patience.   Look: character training!  You can also make silly bands for the holiday.  (I would, of course, be speaking of the next holiday on the calendar: Thanksgiving.)

The girls did autumn and Thanksgiving designs.  You may have to exercise your imagination.

Fall leaf

Turkey.  No, really.  It’s a turkey.

So, if your looking for stocking stuffers or winter activities, this is lots of fun.  You can order them from the website or hopefully find them in stores very soon. Go get creative!

*Disclosure: our friends, the creators, gave us the sillybandfactory, because they are awesome.  You should buy one or more from them because they are awesome–both the people and the creation.

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