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Seriously, dropping off your kid at Sunday school is a parenting skill right up there with knowing how to install a car seat properly.
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Read it, embrace it, stop messing up the good nursery vibe.

2 responses to “The most important post I’ve ever linked to”

  1. Tigerlilly Avatar

    Seriously? I couldn’t disagree more with his drop of tips. I responded in his comments section under the name Tigerlilly.

  2. April Avatar

    Yeah, I still agree with him. I think there is a difference between acclimating a child to a new setting and going in every single Sunday. 90% of the time a parent coming into the room does more harm than good. Parents who come by “just to check on him” get seen. If you get seen, I say “You broke it, you bought it. Take him with you.”

    But worst of all are the friends of the kid who come and say hi and make goofy faces, then go along their merry way leaving the teachers to deal with the fallout.

    That being said, all the encouragement, hugs, etc. in the world are encouraged BEFORE crossing that magic line.

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