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The letter I want to send

but won’t.


You jackass. Don’t you have at least enough sense not to vote for a tax-cheat to run the Treasury? You really are as dumb as you look.

Your really ticked off constituent,


I swear . . .

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2 responses to “The letter I want to send”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Republicans are weird. You tell them the Democrats have a mandate because hey, they won, and they roll over.

    But tell them hey you won, but don’t forget the other half of the country that didn’t vote for you and they roll over.

    So what’s the deal?

  2. April Avatar

    What’s weird is that Cornyn voted for this thief after the considerably more politically risky move of putting a hold on Clinton’s nomination. “Possible appearance of corruption, I’ll die on that hill! Tax cheat? No big.” Sigh.

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