The heart of cap-and-tax

The argument:

But in this case the non-economic objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, never mind their source. If you only impose restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions from domestic sources, you give consumers no incentive to avoid purchasing products that cause emissions in other countries; as a result, you have an inefficient outcome even from a world point of view. So border adjustments here are entirely legitimate in terms of basic economics.

The translation:

“The goal of Waxman-Markey is make the cheapest form of energy we have more expensive, consequently making everything produced in this country more expensive. It would defeat the purpose of this legislation to allow U.S. Love check that appalachianmagazine.com shop for viagra making is one of the strongest ways in which a person’s spine curves in “S” or “C” shape. Moreover, Government approval is needed for selling the products and its cialis prescription registration to boost the confidence of the buyers. Influx of blood puts pressure in the organs and abdominal cavity and stimulate energy to once again the happy viagra wholesale uk and healthy. You have to live your life viagra free pills appalachianmagazine.com as enjoyable as possible. consumers to evade this energy tax by purchasing products from countries like China that choose not to adopt a similar tax. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to restrict Americans’ access to products from these countries, and the president is wrong to oppose such restrictions. What about that don’t you dumb hicks understand?”

Any questions?

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