The Framework

On this day, 224 years ago, the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the Constitution of the United States of America.

Happy Constitution Day!


Read the whole thing, as the kids say.
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I keep thinking about what first occurred to me as I watched Chief Justice John Roberts confirmation hearings: the Constitution is our framework of government. It is not the character of our people, nor is it the specific laws of our nation.  While it gives us strong and clear principles and guidelines and we have built our nation on this framework and foundation, it isn’t the “whole picture.”

It is a good and solid foundation, one of remarkable brilliance and endurance. We would be wise to not only revisit the specific words and laws written therein, but also examine the principles and arguments from which it emerged (e.g., The Federalist Papers.) But you can build a wonderful foundation and still build a hideous house on it, neglect the upkeep, paint it neon green, stuff it with junk, and stick a broken down car on cinder blocks in the front yard. The foundation may still be good, but that doesn’t mean the house doesn’t need a good cleaning. And maybe a remodel.

Just sayin’.

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