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The End of an Era

The End of an Era

Goodbye, old friend. Thanks for 10 years of fun.  Nothing says, “Your kids are all grown up” like tearing down a swing set.


Yesterday, we pulled down the kids swing set/fort/backdrop for all things magical. We’ve been planning to take it down for a couple of years now — when we had the time. But time is one thing that we always seem to be lacking. Finally, MTG went out and took a look at it. He realized it wouldn’t be the huge job he expected, especially with four big kids who can haul stuff to the curb. Less than an hour and a half later, she was gone.

We moved from Virginia to Texas in 2007. Probably the biggest selling point for this house was the backyard. It has 3 full grown trees — a must for me — and a really amazing swing set for our then tiny brood. 

That swing set has provided moments of joy . . .




A great hiding place for Easter eggs . . .


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A setting to put their imagination into action . . .



And a backdrop for our bliss . . .


But, alas, our people have grown up. And the swing set came apart easily in part because it was coming apart naturally. We’re at a different season in our lives, and a backyard fire pit would be nice. So the old girl had to go. 

But at least we still have the tire swing.

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