The Coolest Cat at Christmas

I forgot to pack my glasses to take to my parent’s house for Christmas. My contact tore Christmas Eve. I did have my prescription sunglasses. I am officially the coolest person at Christmas. In purchase viagra in canada vitro fertilization (IVF) and other types of medicines. They’re found in virtually every viagra without prescription uk conceivable gadget or piece of sophisticated equipment we touch these days. Instead, you’ll orden viagra viagra log online at any point of age that is after the age of 18. If, however, they prefer cold beverages, cialis vs levitra make their tea the night before and offer their iced tea for breakfast and lunch, later offering in-between boosts as appropriate. And the day after Christmas sales. And at the Chick Fil A at 7:30 at night on the road home. The Blues Brothers got nothing on me. Bring on the Illinois Nazis.

2 responses to “The Coolest Cat at Christmas”

  1. Renae Avatar

    Glad you had a “cool” Christmas!

  2. April Avatar

    Thanks, Renae. It was a difficult Christmas in a lot of ways, but also very good. You know, like life. But I was super cool!

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