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The conversation we could be having

Henry Louis Gates was arrested in his home (or in his front yard) for being rude and belligerent to police. (Or not, as he tells it.) The ensuing brouhaha is supposed to spur a conversation on race. Except that it really doesn’t seem like race had anything to do with it.

I think Dr. Gates was probably acting like a jerk. I believe that he was probably tired and cranky and probably said a lot of things that were rude. And his hysterical cries of “RACIST” have distracted from the real issue: disorderly conduct laws that give police officers enormous leeway and lead to people getting arrested for bad manners.

To be clear, I don’t think that Sgt. Crowley did anything out of norm for police officers. I don’t even think he “acted stupidly” when defined by police standards. I do think the vague nature of disorderly conduct laws, the fact that police officers are necessarily involved when circumstances are not ideal and citizens are stressed leads itself to misunderstandings.

How about instead of having another non-conversation conversation on race (cause heaven knows we’re all cowards on the subject), we talk about appropriate use of force, the proper tools for police officers to use and in what circumstances, and the rights of citizens in interacting with police. To maintain good health eat eggs, vitamins, minerals, levitra purchase canada amino acids and organic acids. Certain activities include having sexual intercourse, reading, walking pfizer viagra discount or simply just relaxing in the comfort of her own home. It is cialis in usa Source one of the commonest female problems is loss of sex desire. This way, by enlarging the blood-volume, buying here cheapest cialis effective and cheap Kamagra generalize erectile functions. Hey, let’s start with this gentleman.

How about when a S.W.A.T. team busts in a house and kills your dogs when they arguably know you have nothing to do with the crime they’re investigating? Hmmm. That would be a good conversation to have. Hey, let’s talk about Cory Maye!

What about using tasers on fourteen year olds, twelve year olds, six year olds? Can we talk about when tasers are acceptable, and when they are not?

There are a lot of good discussions that could come out of Gates-Gate. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to have them.

More on the same topic at the Commonroom.

UPDATE: These officers are obviously overreacting, and it shouldn’t even be a question that it is illegal to detain a working ambulance. Period. Here’s the paramedic’s report and the family member’s video.(video fixed) Police Officers (God bless them and thank you for your service) should have a higher tolerance for rude behavior–real or perceived. In fact, it really shouldn’t be an issue at all in determining if a crime has been committed. (ht) Why Homeschool

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