The age of discovery

Scientist have found that the “useless” appendix may have a purpose after all!
Mona Lisa had eyebrows!
Most of the universe is dark matter!

Science and scientific inquiry is an odd beast. On one hand it requires absolutes: data, facts, evidence that can be quantified, measured, labeled. On the other hand, it is by it’s very nature uncertain. We never have the full picture–even when we’ve been staring at the picture for 500 years. We don’t know what we don’t know; and we don’t know what we’re about to find out. You can discuss about the medicine with free cialis sample the customer support team available on these online drug stores to get more information regarding the top hospitals in India visit : . Research has generic cialis canada disclosed that around one out of ten men are combatting the problem of impotency in the world. Men, who are looking to have their dosages adjusted. free sildenafil samples These classifications were divided into five classes with Class I being drugs that have a high potential for abuse and also have no known currently accepted medical treatment aspect to them. cialis viagra canada To me, the best part of science and all discovery, exploration and creativity–not what we’ve done, but what we get to do next. (Of course, by “we”, I mean the actual scientists, explorers, artists, etc. through whom I vicariously live via the pages of the Smithsonian Magazine, Discovery Channel, etc.) Moreover, there is disagreement about what data does exist. “It means this!” “No, it means this!” It’s all very exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

And yes, I am a big ol’ geek.

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