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Thanksgiving devotions

One of my favorite family traditions is the practice of having family worship. However, we do run into difficulties. While some families seem to have great success just reading through the Bible, our family needs more structure. We’ve used a number of different devotionals over the years, and they almost all seem to be geared toward one specific age group: preschoolers, grade school, or teen is the general breakdown. Right now our kids range from seven to fourteen, so we need more flexibility.

Structure and flexibility: the eternal balancing act.

One of the ways we get the structure we need is to center devotions around the calendar for a part of the year. This month is a great time to focus on thankfulness, and there are tons of (free!) family devotions available. These Thanksgiving Devotions we’ll use this year shows the most promise when it comes to flexibility. They’re short, sweet, and adaptable for a wide variety of ages. An example:

November 9th
Read Psalm 19:7-14
What words are used in this psalm to refer to God’s word?
What benefits do we experience from reading and obeying God’s word?
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These are questions well within the grasp of the seven-year-old, but with enough meat to interest the older kids. I also like the short reading part, because frankly the boys can be squirmy, but that’s short enough that they can follow along in their Bibles and keep up. Add in prayer time, song time, and discussion from with four kids, and the total time is probably 10-15 minutes a day.

These devotions (like most) don’t include songs, so here’s a playlist of Thanksgiving-themed songs to get you started. I’ll probably be adding to this through the month. Timeless Truths Online Library is my go-to place for lyrics for hymns in the public domain.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving hymns or other songs? Do you do family devotions? What’s your plan of attack?

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