Thankful for my family, for my wonderful for husband and amazing children.
Thankful for my extended family, that there is love and respect and a minimum of drama.
Thankful for my new niece and her amazingly beautiful mom (her dad’s okay, too.)
Thankful for friends.
Thankful for freedoms.
Thankful for those who serve to ensure those freedoms.
Thankful for books.
Thankful for the freedom and ability to write.
Thankful for the right to be wrong.
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Thankful for new things to learn.
Thankful for music.
Thankful for dancing.
Thankful that I can sing and dance badly and my children don’t laugh too hard.
Thankful for pie.
Thankful for laughter.
Thankful for bad jokes.
Thankful for trees.
Thankful for mountains.
Thankful for valleys.
Thankful for the God who gives all abundance, sustains in every need, and prepares me day by day for eternity.

One response to “Thankful”

  1. Carrie Avatar

    We are also very thankful for you and for your beautiful family

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