Thankful for those who answered the call

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the guns of the Great War fell silent.  Commemorated as Armistice Day, and now Veteran’s Day, we honor those who answered the call to serve and sacrifice in our military.   This past February, Florence Green, the last known veteran of World War I died.  Frank Buckley, the last U.S. WWI Veteran, passed away in 2011.  It shouldn’t be surprising that almost a hundred years after that horrible war all the veterans are gone, but it makes me sad.  We are such a distracted, unfocused people; we barely remember what happened last year, much less last century.  We forget the price men and women have paid and our paying– we forget they lived at all.

But today, we remember.  Thank you, Veterans, for your willingness to protect freedom and your fellow countrymen.  May we be worthy of your sacrifice.

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