Thankful for expository preaching

Which is new to me, church wise. I’ve never attended a church where the pastor consistently preached expositorily, at least not as the primary method of preaching. The preachers at the churches I’ve gone to have, for the most part, preached topically. And don’t misunderstand, I have sat under some wonderful teachers and preachers. But it hasn’t been primarily expositional.

We are closing in on 3 years back in Texas and 3 years at our church. It has been very encouraging and extremely challenging to hear the Word of God systematical explained and applied. There is no hiding from hard verses. In such a http://raindogscine.com/?order=1793 discount sale viagra scenario when most of the cases, this disease is caused by some underlying conditions. Regular soft tabs cialis exercise will keep stress levels reduced and keep blood flow levels large. The penile muscles also get viagra tablets australia loose due to the old age. viagra online australia Frequent nose bleeds is also a symptom of a graver health issue. No hanging out in the “cool chapters.”

Right now, our pastor is preaching the book of James. It is a slap you in the face, shake you up and jump on your presuppositions type of series. (Done with so much gentleness and grace that you don’t realize you’ve been slapped until your driving home. Thanks, Pastor!)

Expository preaching is preaching that exposes the Bible. But really, expository preaching exposes the heart to the Word of God. And it can hurt, but it’s a good hurt. The kind of hurt that I’m thankful for.

2 responses to “Thankful for expository preaching”

  1. Dana Avatar

    That the way our church is, too. Kinda nice. But we're in the book of John. It's a "Wow, how many times can you read the same verses and find something new" kind of study.

  2. April Avatar

    John is one of those books that packs as much as possible in every verse. We're going through James, all it packs is a punch. Ouch. But in a very good way.

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