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Terrible Tuesday

For some reason, Tuesdays are the hardest day of my week. They aren’t necessarily the busiest (although during the school year, they do give me a run for the money), but they are hard. Tuesday after a holiday weekend? Forget about it. So I’m instituting Terrible Tuesday: All links, all the time.


An fantastic looking Carnival of Homeschooling at the Nerd Family Blog.

A belated Independence post, Thomas Sowell’s op-ed on our exceptional form of government.

Interesting post by Joann Jacobs on financial literacy as a requirement for graduation. I think the best family business is reality based. My mom had me writing out checks (from her account) as she was doing bills and I worked in the family business from 12 on. I’m meditating on how to translate those real life experiences to our family.

Horrible, awful, frightening story of a man who abused a position of power. Two things come to mind. 1) Our society is far too in love with “experts.” 2) We need much more transparency in our legal system. At minimum individuals should have access to records involving them and the state should bear the burden of proof that it should be concealed.

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I really can’t decide if this story is really cute or really disgusting. Let me know what you think.

This is neat: they cleaned up a painting and found a lost Caravaggio! Of St. Augustine! I think I’ll use this as an example of why my children should keep their things neat and clean.

Finally, an interesting and encouraging post on family worship. Sometimes the good thing turns into a cudgel we beat ourselves with. Family worship is often one of those good things.

So go. Read. Just don’t expect much from me. It is Tuesday, after all.

One response to “Terrible Tuesday”

  1. Cindy Watson Avatar
    Cindy Watson

    I thought the post about Family worship was good. Yet, well, occasionally on rare instances our family worship may seem like a chore, most days, I can’t say how much a blessing it is. It has become such a treasured time for us together since God told me to implement it six years ago. It was a battle ground that my ex-husband used to try to disrupt. It has been a time to engage in battle, when one evening after praying like we’ve all never prayed before for a dear family found that the spiritual battle had been exploding as my dear friend had to turn her husband in for child molestation. It’s not long, maybe fifteen minutes of our day. Each one of us takes turns reading the next chapter in what ever book in the Bible we’re reading and shares their thoughts about it. We sing, used to be CD’s but now we have a guitar, drum and maracas, then we pray. It is sweet and needed and knits us together as a family when this year sought to tear us apart. It is precious and yet we know we bring things to the battle when we gather like this.

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