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Terrible Tuesday: Winter fantasy

I have a dream that a huge winter storm comes and cancels all of our appointments and games and activities and what have you for two weeks. And then I wake up and remember I live in Texas. Oh well.  We’re busy, but it was 70 degrees this weekend. It’s all about the trade-offs.

Dealing-with-it links!

This week’s Spaced-out challenge is all about the moon. Here’s a new item on the honey-do list: make a smartphone mount for your telescope for astrophotography. Astrophotography is a fun word.

Most of the time, people just share silly pictures or crazy chain-letter like posts on Facebook. My friend Erika shared a link to a bunch of sources for free public domain books. I much prefer that.

Speaking of free books, did you know Desiring God offers all their books as download for free? Well, now you do.

My sister says I need to listen to this podcast about Lewis and Clark. She’s a pretty smart person with good taste, so you should probably listen, too.

Helpful tip if you can’t find candles. But don’t tell the kids!
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burning crayon

Dana Hanley is one of my favorite bloggers. She doesn’t blog often, but when she does…WOW. This post on “Frozen gifts” is a must read.

The five best pieces of writing advice I didn’t get in school. Cracked link, standard language and decency warnings apply.

If you use Gmail, Google now let’s anyone email you through Google+. Here’s how you opt out of that nonsense.

Puppies and toddlers, so very alike. Via the always fun Twenty-two Words.

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