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Terrible Tuesday: Vacation Edition

We are in Minnesota this week visiting MTG’s family.  In our over 1000 miles of driving (so far) we have seen 1,000,000 corn fields, 250,000 soybean fields, 1 sunflower field and 1 wheat field. Those first two may be slight exagerations, but the last two are cold, hard, depressing facts. Thanks, Nixon. You scurvy dog. (Were too a crook!)

Anyway, so vacay. Woohoo! And….

Vacation links!

Remember when I said West Texas wasn’t beautiful? (Well, specifically my hometown, but still.) I take it back.

via Texas Humor

Exercise doesn’t help you lose weight. Ha ha, suckers! More about what does make us fat, and I recognize the author’s book on the same topic. Which I will blog about. Eventually. Maybe.

This graph isn’t to scale, the majority of the graph covers only 15% of the timeline. But it’s interesting to see how economies, countries, and civilizations change, and remain the same.

Will the Arab Spring come to be know as the most devastating event of the 21st century?

The militarization of our law enforcement (remember when they use to be peace officers? Good times.) is disturbing. And if your first reaction to the Evansville case is they should have secured their wifi, you need to be smacked in the head. (But yes, secure your wifi people!)

Interesting and thought provoking article on social justice by Thomas Sowell.

Mini-homeschool section:

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Phonics, y’all! Seriously.

The Ultimate List of Printable Math Manipulatives. ULTIMATE!

Teaching and presenting, very good stuff by Erika Franz. Smart whippersnapper.

Have you ever read something that is both freeing and convicting at the same time? “Your Children Want YOU!” is one of those posts.

“20 Things Nobody Told Me About Little Boys” I wonder what a dad would have to say about little girls?

And finishing off the family section of the link-fest, 6 Tips for Relational Bliss: Advice From a Man on His 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Politics and churches, churches and politics. Here’s my novel suggestion: churches forgo their tax exemption and say whatever they heck they want. Government has no business regulating religion, and it is to the shame of religious institutions that they so readily accept the muzzle. Also the tax code needs to be radically revised.

Oh for cool! (That’s how they talk in Minnesota. I’m not even kidding.)  10 of the World’s Most Impressive Paper Airplanes.

The heavens declare the glory of the God, the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

An excellent post on taking offense, along with a delightful image of Jesus pushing people into a pool.

And finally, the revolution will be tweeted! Or should have been.

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