Terrible Tuesday, the return

Today’s Tuesday was not terribly busy, because poor Bulldozer had a stomach bug.  The thing about a hypo-sensitive kid is that he doesn’t get a lot of forewarning about bodily functions.  So when he says he has to pee, he means right then. And by the time he feels the nausea, it’s almost too late to reach the bathroom. Oh yeah, and he sleeps in the top bunk. Good times!


It’s May Day, the day when some people go “Maying” and some people celebrate International Workers Day, which has unseemly connections to Communism, which claimed 80 to 100 million victims in the 20th century.  I hope you all picked flowers.

Not to slight workers.  Humans can achieve some remarkable things. (Note, that link goes to Cracked. Cracked uses much “salty” language. If innumerable f-bombs are gonna bother you, don’t click.)

Another great Cracked article, “5 Ways to Spot a BS Political Story in Under 10 Seconds.” Okay, yes, it’s Cracked. Yes, it’s foul mouthed and crude. But you need to read this story. Trust me on this.  Especially heading into what promises to be the most ridiculous campaign in our lifetimes.

Via the Great @DinaFraioli, a fascinating Radio Lab piece on Bluesman Robert Johnson, who sold his soul to the devil to play great blues. …. Or did he?

I need to declutter. I’m gonna rent a truck, farm the kids out to friends for the day, and dump all the things.  Here’s some inspiration.

This is fascinating: Memory as a durable good. Thanks mom and dad, for stocking my life with so many great memories.  It’s a challenge (in a good way) to do the same for my kids.
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Sort of related to the previous two links, persons matter more than things.

“The first lesson of economicsis scarcity: there is never enough of anything to fully satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.” Top 25 quotes of Economist Thomas Sowell.

Places to add to your bucket list.

Briefly, how to be succinct.

This is another must read article, and one of my soap box issues. We are much more capable than we have been lead to believe by a bevy of experts.  They rely on keeping us ignorant of our abilities. “You so _can_ do it.”

And…27 more minutes of Tuesday, just enough time to start the dishes, switch out the laundry, and fall into bed before midnight.


2 responses to “Terrible Tuesday, the return”

  1. Dave Freer Avatar

    We must have given our kids a billion dollars of ‘durable’ goods then. :-). What the article on that failed to mention was that the cash value of acquiring the memory, has no direct relationship (in fact I’d go as far as to say an inverse relationship) to the value or the durability of that memory. Kids (and memories) don’t have measure of fiscal value to those things that get stored away and dug out and make them richer-not in the money sense- fuller, happier, more able humans.

    One of my most enduring memories is wading – mid chest in places – across a freezing river in the dark, in the mist, to fetch a lost child that I had been searching for, praying was still alive for the last 2 hours. The emotion and overall experience are as fresh now as that night, 30 years back. From the relief of hearing his voice, to the shape of the dark trees he was under and the feeling of the stones moving under my boots in the water, to the chilly warmth of a wet kid clinging to my back… still makes me shiver now. It didn’t cost me – or young Raymond – a cent. But it sure is durable!

    Hope the stomach bug has departed the Bulldozer 🙂

    Dave (followed this from the pingback to MGC’s You so can do it. I always check on those.)

    1. April Avatar

      Yikes! Yeah, that memory is pretty durable. You’re absolutely right about the cash value has little correlation. The only cost you must really invest is time. And the willingness to plunge into a freezing river! Glad that turned out happily.

      Bulldozer is back to his bulldozing self, thank you. And none of the other kids got sick! Bonus!!

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