Terrible Tuesday, the Return

(With a title like that, you kinda expect Zombies. Sorry to disappoint.)

It’s Tuesday. I haven’t done links in forever. I’m doing it. Hit it!

Antibiotics have unquestioningly saved lives.  But there are dangers in their use, particularly in the way we use them in America.  However, scientists may have solved the problem of antibiotics killing all the good bacteria in our guts. How? With synthetic poop!  Seriously, that’s more than a little disturbing but also pretty cool.  The best science always is.

This is a great mommy blog post making the rounds, “Please don’t help my kids.”  Amen, sister.

Also making the rounds is this article asserting that vocabulary is the best indicator of success.  I was mulling writing something about it, but it would have required thinking. But I knew if I waiting long enough, a Charlotte Mason influenced homeschooler would put my thoughts into print.  And voila! The Deputy Headmistress has done it much better than I would have.  It boils down to this: Read good, real books. Read them to your kids. Have your kids read them. Read, read, read.

Speaking of reading, Bob books are great for new readers and here is a Pinterest board of Bob book printables.  Printables (specifically free printables) are a homeschooler’s crack.
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Great advice for homeschooling in difficult times.

Half the facts you know are probably wrong. Really, though, it seems more accurate to say our knowledge is always incomplete and imperfect.

Who was right, George Orwell or Aldus Huxley?  I think Huxley has the edge.

There are three types of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.  Is America less healthy than other developed countries? I don’t want to pursue their solution to upping our numbers.

I leave you with the latest Kid Snippet, and I highly recommend the previous episodes, too.

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