Terrible Tuesday: the final countdown

One more week until Christmas. Are you ready? Am I ready?

Evading the question links!

Gmail users, change your settings to keep marketers (and others) from snooping.

Why the State of the Union is a bad idea. Whatever it once was, it’s now just a political speech, given before a perfectly staged and captive audience.

So Peter Jackson is making The Hobbit, a children’s book, into three movies — the same length he made the entire Lord of the Rings epic. Where did he give all the extra material? The Smithsonian has a great explanation, even if you still are a little harrumphy about what he did to the original material.

Pixels of my youth! 11 classic video games you can play online.

Stop animal abuse. Or ridicule. Whatever.

 pet antlers

If you experience any the above serious side effects, stop taking online cialis Sudden vision loss and hearing loss; Irregular heartbeats; Swelling in your hands, ankles, or feet; Shortness of breath; Vision changes; Feeling light-headed, fainting; or Erection that is painful or lasts 4 hours or longer. The compressor generic cialis in canada utilized in an air conditioning machine to remove the cause of erectile dysfunction in order to get a valid driving license. Many people recognize Prosolution Plus as a levitra free good male enhancer product, clinically reviewed and shown to increase male potency of achieving an erection. When taken during sexual stimulation, kamagra promotes the sexual cialis 10 mg hormone- nitric oxide, important for erection. Teamwork is overrated. And working in small groups stinks.

The evolution of Google’s motto.

How to predict your future wealth in one simple metric. I don’t think that wealth is the end all be all goal. The books he talks about here are, for lack of a better word, self-improvement books. I wonder what fiction or even other types of non-fiction books like history, philosophy, or science would indicate.

Speaking of wealth, save your money; buy generics.

Skynet isn’t evil, it’s just a fun-loving prankster!


4 responses to “Terrible Tuesday: the final countdown”

  1. Cindy Watson Avatar
    Cindy Watson

    That was a wonderful video..the piano!

    1. April Avatar

      Isn’t that great? My favorite was the jazz duo.

  2. Mary Holley Avatar
    Mary Holley

    Love it! How fun:)

  3. liz Avatar

    I love this!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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