Terrible Tuesday: The end is nigh!

I spent an irritatingly long time on Friday and Saturday clearing out my email. Since then, I’ve been aggressive about dealing with and deleting everything that I receive. Today, I’ve already deleted a dozen “last chance” emails. Last chance to save in 2014, last chance to give in 2014, last chance to do the rumba. Maybe not that last one.

Yet in a couple of days, we’ll see “can’t miss” New Year’s sales. Same song, different verse. Yet it is customary that we cast a nostalgic look back at the passing year. My year-in-review: Dear 2014, you really stunk up the joint, and I’m glad you’re done. Yay!

Really, the only year-in-review you need is Dave Barry’s.

Okay, that’s taken care of. Moving on!

Ann Althouse explains her preference for driving over flying, a preference I share.

Rod Serling explains how censorship led to the creation of The Twilight Zone.

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Via my sister, a neat art project that will help save elephants: elegrams!

How many of those nifty little reviews titled, “It’s been a great year, thanks for being a part of it”  have you seen on Facebook. (Seriously, people, you can change the wording.) Well, it hasn’t been a great year for everyone.

Be kind, everyone you meet is facing a hard battle.

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