Terrible Tuesday, the beginning of crazy season

Yesterday was the first softball practice of the season, thus kicking off the time of year commonly known as “AAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!”  It’s the straw that broke the schedule’s back.  On the way back from practice, I was discussing with Sprite survival strategies and just when I thought we’d figured it out, she said, “But mom, what about Scouts?”

Back to the drawing board.  So while I sit here with spreadsheets and highlighters trying to figure out how to be two places at once, you read some links. M’kay?

I haven’t fully explored this, but Mission US looks pretty cool and we’re studying the American Revolution this month. Speaking of the Revolution, Amelia Hamilton’s new children’s book 10 Steps to Freedom comes out very, very soon. Maybe today. Or next week. “Soon” is my point.

Speaking of history and in honor of President’s Day:



A couple of week ago, I posted a link on fake poop restoring healthy gut bacteria, this week it’s a link on the different gastrointestinal bacteria of autistic children.  I sense a theme.

So a guy has a mortar gun (A miniature, tiny, toy mortar gun) in the background of a picture on facebook. Someone calls the cops, and the British equivalent of a SWAT team raids his house searching for the deadly-tiny-toy.  I think the man needs to have an IQ test for his facebook friends. And the police. Actually, why don’t we all just have a glass of wine and chill the heck out.

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I’m kind of an anti-projects, lapbook, unit studies homeschooler. Which is, frankly, heresy in some corners. But this post by the Deputy Headmistress filled me with joy and peace.  Like warm oatmeal cookies on cold day.

The Jerk Store called and it wished it was even remotely related to The 5 Wittiest Comebacks in the History of Trash Talk. (It’s Cracked, so language, scatalogical humor, and general immaturity. You’ve been warned.)

About the “minimum wage”: the real minimum wage is zero; and with high unemployment rates, especially among the young, that needs to be acknowledged.  And more than 98% of full-time workers are paid more than the minimum wage. Which also should be acknowledged. Facts, man. What the heck?

“When the chips were down, Father proved himself to be the greatest example of manhood I’ve ever seen in my life.”  What an amazing epitaph for an extraordinary man.

And finally, a kid snippet to start your day:

2 responses to “Terrible Tuesday, the beginning of crazy season”

  1. Erika Franz Avatar

    Yep. I hear you. I didn’t realize that home schooling would be a full time job… and, I thought I’d actually have time to write!? (Descends into laughter, becoming ever more hysterical…)

    Today, we are adding our new once-a-week neuroscience class/lab taught by a Smithsonian affiliate in Edgewater, MD. 1 1/2 hour total commute time (minimum…unless traffic is really good and I bend certain laws pertaining to automobiles and posted limits). Still, it’s kind of what we do, right? And, I only have one!

    1. April Avatar

      Yeah, sometimes I think we homeschoolers forget that this IS our job, and that the extra stuff is just that-extra. That science class sounds awesome. Jealous!

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