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Terrible Tuesday: The aftermath

We spent last week cleaning, reorganizing, and painting. One of our painting projects was the girls room. The girls have a lot of stuff. A lot of little stuff: craft stuff, stuffed stuff, papers, memorabilia, etc. etc.  It’s one thing to haul all that stuff out in big heaps and stash in a corner. It’s another thing entirely to put that stuff back. The bonus is that they are motivated to get rid of some of the hoard. It just may take awhile.

Fill-the-trash-bags links!

26 best cult TV shows. Firefly, gone too soon! Sniff.

Beautiful and interesting maps of regions made from their signature foods: America made of corn, India made of spices, Africa made of plantain, Japan made of seaweed? Poor Japan.

America is corn

1000 years of border changes in Europe and western Asia. I found this particularly interesting as I’m finishing up my Medieval history book and will start Renaissance history soon.
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As my friend Cindy said, “When will we learn?” We attack nature with Science! and think we’ve won. Nature says, “Isn’t that cute?” and smacks us upside the head. Bless our arrogant hearts.

Math geekery! 17 equations that changed the world.

Next time you’re stuck in traffic, you can grouse or you can play rock, paper, scissors with your neighbor.

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