Terrible Tuesday, that which doesn’t kill me…

just needs more time.  I’m having one of those seasons of life where I’m so busy I have nightmares that my calendar is chasing me with a machete.  It’s fun.


So…. links?

If you read nothing else, read this compelling article on the man who killed Osama Bin Laden. Our nation has to do better for these men. Has to.

This is discouraging: A warning to profs from a high school teacher.

President Bush (41) is not the most popular president of the 20th century, but this article points out he was remarkable in a lot of ways, not the least of which is that the world didn’t blow up during his administration despite being something of a powder keg.

8 writing tips from C.S. Lewis.  He was such a gracious and generous man to his many fans.

50 sure signs that Texas is utopia. The author must have hit her deadline, though, because the list is inexhaustible.

News you can use: How not to get squashed by a semi. Seriously, people, it’s not about who has the right of way, it’s about physics.
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This is a horrific story about a massive failure in the National Health System in Great Britain.  It’s awful, but it shouldn’t surprise us. Bureaucracies are bureaucracies whether they are dealing with building permits or people’s lives.

How do we cherish virginity without moralistic fearmongering? Actually, the solution can be extrapolated to a number of virtues and character traits we wish to develop.  Also, the wonderful “Jesus wants the rose” video is at the link. If you’ve never seen it, take a minute to watch it.

I use to use reusable grocery bags, but I don’t any more.  They are deadly if not washed and fall apart when they are.  If I’m every able to invest in sturdy canvas bags, I may go back, but the flimsy thing you buy at the store fall apart in 2 or 3 washings.  And NEVER use them for meat. Unless you’re in San Francisco, in which case you have no choice. Commies.

A letter to my autistic son on his 7th birthday.  Get tissues.

Finally, not a link.  My pastor quoted this in Sunday’s sermon, and  later that day I read it again from a different source on Twitter.  I’m taking that as a sign from God to share it.

Discipline says, I need to.

Duty says, I ought to.

Devotion says, I want to

-Adrian Rogers

2 responses to “Terrible Tuesday, that which doesn’t kill me…”

  1. Robin Avatar

    Thanks for the links. The “Jesus wants the rose” is powerful. Wow.

  2. April Avatar

    Isn’t that amazing? Every Christian should watch that.

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