Terrible Tuesday, squash edition

We picked up our CSA box today and it’s a squashapalooza! (And tomatoes. Including the yummy cherry tomatoes I took out of the box to snack on before snapping the picture.)

Leave your squash recipes in the comments. And… links!


Taking Legos to the new extremes.

How the states got their names. (Also wonderful, How the States Got Their Shapes, and the accompanying History Channel show.) And another American geography link: 500 year old map of America found in Germany. Slightly inaccurate.

Education Stuff

David Brooks writes about how schools fail our boys, and Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller shares his experiences. If we hadn’t already chosen homeschooling as the best educational model for our children before we had boys, we almost certainly would have for the sake of our boys.

I find this fascinating, “School is ‘Too Easy’, Say American Students.” Kids are overworked and under-challenged. Gee, I wish there were an easy remedy to the ridiculous onslaught of busywork without real educational merit. *cough* homeschool *cough*

Articles like this one on the coming post-credentialism give me hope for the future of education.  Sure, the old system is on a bubble that makes the housing bubble look like goldfish farts, but the future of actual education (not just schooling) looks bright!

Outrage-y stuff.
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TSA. If I say anymore, this will no longer be a family blog. Just… TSA.

This is related. Sort of . “Not beasts, but men.”

It boggles the mind that the world would allow this to happen: Calls to Destroy Egypt’s Pyramids.  Of course, the Taliban destroyed 1500 year old  Buddhas when they assumed power in Afghanistan with barely a tut-tut from the rest of the world. My only hope is that the Western World had no connection to the Buddhas and no motivation to stop it, but our attachment to Ancient Egypt is deeper.  Hopefully, these treasures will be spared.

Stuff that doesn’t fit a category

What does it mean when Christians say they’re complementarian?

Do you shop smart? Are you sure? 11 Ways Consumers Are Hopeless at Math. Although it seems to me that having a budget and doing research ahead of time would eliminate most of these problems.


And …. done!


*technically, this Terrible Tuesday post is being posted on Wednesday. But you know what? It’s that sort of rigid refusal to bend the laws of time that has us in the mess we’re in.  Or something. Whatever, pretend, dangit!

One response to “Terrible Tuesday, squash edition”

  1. Cindy Watson Avatar
    Cindy Watson

    Love so many of the links. Am horrified by the TSA and loved reading about the map…I love old maps! Thanks for these. Always enjoyable.

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