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Terrible Tuesday: Spring break edition

Except that, as homeschoolers, we’re not getting a spring break.  We don’t have cello lessons or softball practice, so that’s something. We do get breaks, we just are less formal in scheduling them. For example, the great stomach bug of early February resulted in several days off.

But for the rest of you on spring break, I have links!

Okay, this first one is probably of most interest to homeschoolers, but anyone who wants to learn Latin would be interested in this program.  The final 10 lessons of Visual Latin are complete and $10 off through tomorrow.  My review of the curriculum is here and we still like it. Here’s another online Latin resource for free!

Big dogs are the best.

Senator Paul’s filibuster is the only punch anyone’s managed to land on the Obama Administration, and some Republicans are attacking him with more vigor than they’ve ever approached the President’s horrific policies. Yeah, that makes sense. Andrew Klavan sums up all my feelings on the matter.

Speaking of the filibuster whose primary focus was on the 4th amendment and the nomination of John Brennan for CIA chief, the new CIA director took his oath on a Constitution instead of a the traditional Bible. One minor problem: the Constitution didn’t include the Bill of Rights. Oopsie.

This is good advice on ending your day so that you start well the next morning.

The National Parks’ best kept secret? Junior Rangers. My kids enjoyed these programs when we went to the Grand Canyon this year, although the quality varies from park to park. Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife also has some great stuff for kids.

Aim for mastery: advice directed to homeschooling parents for their kids, but it really applies to everyone. How many skills have you mastered? Yeah, that question makes me a little uncomfortable.

You know the saying, “there are worse ways to die?” I’m not sure that applies here.
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We’re about half way through Lent, but I just found these online Lenten devotions. (Yes, the one linked to is for Monday. I don’t actually write the Terrible Tuesday post on Tuesday. That would be madness.)

Yet another unintended consequence of government action: Daylight Saving Time causes deaths and wastes energy. And makes me cranky.

This is a powerful story of forgiveness and grace.

Have you ever noticed how some people just can’t take a compliment? Wouldn’t this scenario be gratifying?

After his death last week, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s has been celebrated by some, but Mona Charen points out the disaster in which he left his country.

Continuing with the theme of gut bacteria from the past few Terrible Tuesdays, here’s a frightening report of deadly drug-resistant bacteria that originate in the gut.

The coming Baby Boom housing bust. I can’t wait to see how the government plans to distort the market this time!

And finally, this week’s Kid Snippet is Star Wars themed. Enjoy!

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