Terrible Tuesday, Security Issue

The Thompson household has been hit with a stomach bug. It’s delightful. Sprite has gone through it, Satchmo and Little Miss are down. I’m kinda hoping Bulldozer gets it and gets over with it before Thursday because that’s homeschool day at the zoo and we’ve already paid.

So this Terrible Tuesday we’re actually staying put! So… less Terrible Tuesday. (Still, don’t turn your back on Tuesday. It will knife you in a heartbeat.)

There’s been a lot in the news about various privacy breaches and infringements. The fact is the information about our habits is very valuable data, and they are going to do everything in their power to harvest that data.

The good news: the FBI turns off 3,000 warrantless GPS devices.

The creepy news: Target can determine your due date before you tell anyone you’re pregnant from studying your purchases. (You don’t really think Target is the only company tracking and studying your purchases, do you? And now you’ll be joining the cash-only society!)

The bad, icky, worrisome news. Facebook is a jerk, Twitter, too. And I’m seriously considering deleting my account. And no, I don’t do your Facebook apps or games. Ever. Stop inviting me.

You’ve got two days. Delete your Google history now.

Okay, random links of fun:

Is this the best thing ever? Maybe. Lutheran Insult Generator.

I’m generally a fan of Canada (minus the socialized medicine and the absence of free speech), but this has me rethinking that.

I adore this: Father of child with Asperger’s starts a job placement company for people with autism.

The periodic table carved into a table. Geek out, friend. Geek out.

Home brewing and the DIY culture. I support both.

The best time to go shopping. (They left out “When someone else is paying.”)

Fully caffeinated, fully armed.

Finally, this post on chasing satisfaction is so good. If you click nothing else, read this. Truly.


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3 responses to “Terrible Tuesday, Security Issue”

  1. MBernadetteE Avatar

    I geeked out a little.

  2. bteacher99 Avatar

    Sad that the younger Oddlys aren’t feeling well, but this was a great collection of links!

  3. April Avatar

    @MBernadetteE Isn’t it wonderful. That’s dedication.

    @bteacher99 Thanks! Hopefully it will leave us as swiftly as it came.

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