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Terrible Tuesday: Sandwich season

We are home for a sum total of one hour today, from 1ish to 2ish, the break between therapy and Girl Scouts. After Scouts, we swing by to pick up MTG and head to the ballpark for Sprite’s softball game. And since we’re trying to save money, we’re having sandwiches for dinner twice this week. You’ll eat and like it, kid! Actually, the kids are probably fine with it. Me? I’m a little ambivalent, but I’ll get over it.


Look, mom! I’m an extremist! Huh. I don’t feel any different. Perhaps I need a badge.

“Why I’m teaching my son to break the law.” And why you should, too.

This is intriguing, “Family uses medical marijuana to treat severly autistic son.

20 Free & open source web galleries for web designers.

world on fire

This is both an encouragement and a warning, as I’ve recently learned. I really need to learn to pull some of my punches.

This cracks me up, but only because I wasn’t trapped on the boat all night. I hope he gives his wife a nice weekend of pampering and no mosquitoes, alligators, or snakes.

Margaret Thatcher nails exactly why the E.U. is a disaster. Prescient lady.

“The rookie’s guide to H.P. Lovecraft, in 1500 words or less.” By one of my favorite via the interwebs people who I now consider a real-life friend, Jimmie Bise. I totes adore him. And this. It’s very helpful.

This is my new favorite thing, but fair warning, Micheal Bublé has a potty mouth.

This tube is most commonly known as impotence, is a very common mastercard generic viagra health issue experienced by nearly millions of men across the globe. It best price levitra has to be acquired from a paid service. Importantly, it cialis 5mg tadalafil amerikabulteni.com results in loss of sex drive and offers control over the ejaculate. Sildenafil Citrate tablets are used by ED patients http://amerikabulteni.com/2012/01/24/komedi-john-stewart-colbertin-emanet-super-paci-geri-iade-etmedi/ order generic levitra to treat Erectile Dysfunction in male. I love everything about this video. I love that the mom has the audacity enough to approach him, I love Michael Bublé for not just calling security, but most of all, I love this kid for delivering when it really counts. Well done, the lot of ya!

This pilot, however, gets a time out and loss of electronic privileges for three weekends. Plus, he needs to write out the definition of “overreaction” 100 times.

Mega maps resource!

“How to shield yourself from smart-phone snoops.” Basically, there’s an app for that.

Do you ever go to read a blog post on a new blog and find yourself sucked in? Well, I think I’m in love with this Carrots for Michaelmas woman. I went to  read this post on “Why you can’t read Twilight.” (love) and found these on great books for girls and boys, and this on Why you should read Harry Potter. It’s great.  Go get addicted.

First read this interesting and insightful Ross Douthat column on the self-perpetuation of class and meritocracy. Then read these delightfully oblivious comments. And if you’re on twitter, follow @ExJon. The man cracks me up.

Speaking of Cracked, this is Cracked, so you’re warned: language (though not too bad on this) and  juvenile humor. But this is great: 6 hilarious pranks pulled by soldiers in the middle of war.

“In the age of high-tech, are Americans losing their DIY Skills?” Well, we’re trying to teach our kids and learn ourselves. It’s easier than ever to figure out how to do stuff, you just have to have the courage to give a try and not be afraid to make mistakes. And invest in duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape.

I chose Amelia Pond. Who’s your choice for best companion?

Hilarious Kid Snippet. Don’t try this at home. They are trained affessionals.



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