Terrible Tuesday: My question of the day

I often hear the suggestion/command to “get out of your comfort zone,” by which is meant introverted/quieter folks need to be loud, boisterous, and overly chatty with perfect strangers. But I never hear extroverted people to “get out of their comfort” zone. I never hear people who crave the presence of others to spend time alone and quiet. I never hear the life of the party told to shut the heck up for a hot minute.

Just a thought.


“But you don’t look sick” a different way of looking at the burdens of those who are chronically ill carry.

Looking for a Christmas gift for the bicyclist in your life? Trotify!

The creators of the Visual Latin program that we love and the online Latin program that my daughter is doing (and loves), Word Up! Learning vocabulary from Greek and Latin roots. The first section is on sale now for only a $1 a lesson, or 9.99 for the set (So .999 per lesson.) You can download two free lessons if you want to check them out. (I don’t know how long the sale lasts, so grab ’em while they’re hot! Or cheap!)

If a man afflicted with these diseases smokes, he only increases their effects as well similarly even penegra has got certain side effects which are not so severe or dangerous to one s health but do tadalafil uk buy affect a person. More over these online pharmacies can produce the medicine in cheap rate with the cost levitra best prices of 15.00 per pill. There are hosts of Premature Ejaculation Treatment: a) Behavioral Techniques: Sometimes doing a few simple things like masturbating an hour or two before intercourse can help you to vanquish Premature Ejaculation. b) Topical Anesthetics: Anesthetic creams and sprays contain numbing agent like sildenafil for sale lidocaine or prilocaine which come in handy in tiding over premature ejaculation. Sildenafil citrate essentially works in body by restraining the function of cialis for sale canada PDE-5, an enzyme in body that inhibits the working of cGMP. Speaking of introverts, read any good books when you should have been interacting with people lately?

introvert turtle

An interesting look at being poor. (Some language, but an important article to read, especially for those of us who don’t face these challenges.) The Deputy Headmistress has written often on being poor. But one difference between her and most others in poverty is her knowledge and resourcefulness. I don’t mean that as an insult to poor people, but if you read her blog,  (and I highly recommend you read her blog) I think you’d find her more resourceful (and knowledgeable) than the vast majority of people — whatever their income level. Anyway, there’s a lot of burdens and obstacles of poverty that most people not in that situation don’t even consider, like the fact that cooking attracts roaches.

That was really long for a Terrible Tuesday link.

This really upset Jack when he heard it. I think he was howling in solidarity: “Stay strong, brother! Stay in the water! What are they gonna do? Leave you? Come in after you? Nah!”

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