Terrible Tuesday: Light at the end of the tunnel

For parents of school-age kids (even homeschool kids) late April to May becomes a frenzy of class parties, concerts, awards ceremonies, and the like. Not to mention we’re in full swing of spring sports. It can make a mom twitchy about the eyelids.

Fortunately, I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or perhaps that’s the oncoming train of this summer’s schedule.


Whether you’re Reese Witherspoon or the daughter of a public official “Do you know who I am?” never ends well. Don’t do it!

Daddy’s are important.  File that under “things that shouldn’t have to be said but really must be yelled from the rooftops.”

This is a fascinating article on the writer of The Empire Strikes Back.

Top 10 Homeschool Nature or Field Trip Blogs.  One need not be a homeschooler to benefit from their knowledge.

I didn’t have an American Girl Doll growing up, but my girls loved them and especially the books. It’s making me ragey to see how Mattel (*spit*) is ruining this wonderful company.

24 people who are really nailing this parenting thing. Think I’ve gotta steal this one:

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Things I have discovered by experience: three is the most stressful number of kids. Actually, when I was pregnant with number three, several moms told me this little secret.  And they were right! My theory on why four is easier than three: You’re just too tired to care anymore.

This is an amazing story of  a Vietnamese refugee’s round trip journey.

Five easy steps to giving the best speech of your life. It really surprises me how many people miss the seemingly obvious one: practice.

“If your plan requires getting picked and you’re not getting picked, you need a new plan.” (Ht: Jimmie The Great who encourages us all to be awesome.)

Mother’s Day is Sunday (Yikes! I gotta get boxes packed and to the post office!) So in honor of the occasion, here’s a commercial full of awwww.
And your Kid Snippet.



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