Terrible Tuesday: Light at the end of the tunnel

Today is the last softball game of the season and the last day of Tuesday speech therapy sessions for the year. That means starting next week we’ll only have occupational therapy and orchestra. Snoopy dance!

Final-push links!

Ultimate reading list for kids 9-14. I would note that a lot of these are good books for adults, too. (I can’t speak to all of them.) A good story is a good story.

Must-click: “Shape oscillation of a levitated drop in an acoustic field.” Which sounds far less amazing than what it is.

10 weirdest beers ever brewed. Some of these seem like a biological disaster waiting to happen.

a guy I ate

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Neat story about a tattoo artist who helps breast cancer survivors.

Two things not unrelated: Report on the use of antibiotics in our food supply  is double plus ungood. CDC official says we’re in a post-antibiotic age.

I have a balanced brain, or at least this 2-minute test says I do.


Funny because it’s true.

Beautiful tribute from the sister of a man who had Down Syndrome.

Good, chewy stuff on education here.

I think we’ve all encountered this salesperson.

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