Terrible Tuesday: Lego day!

The first Tuesday of every month the Lego store has a free mini-build. This month, it’s a flamingo!

Buildable links!

Here’s an archive of the instructions for some of the recent mini-builds.

A commencement speech by George Saunder’s has been making the rounds, but if you haven’t read it yet, you really ought to take the time. It’s good advice for everyone.

Someone in Congress actually has a good idea! Bill to prevent payments to dead people clears senate panel. Two things about this. 1. There exists such a thing as a Death Master File. 2. It’s two thousand freaking thirteen and you’re just NOW thinking it’s a great idea not to pay dead people? Bless your heart, Congress. Bless your heart.

In the “what could go wrong” category: Harvard creates brain-to-brain interface, allows humans to control other animals with thoughts alone. Doesn’t that sound like the prologue to a dystopian sci-fi flick?

Jill Harness spent two years rounding up a list of the most beautiful libraries by continent. Rough gig, man.

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Home School Enrichment Magazine is offering their 2012 issues as free pdf downloads “for a limited time.” I first saw this last week, so hurry!

I subscribed to Prufrock, a newsletter on books, art and ideas while back and it’s full of interesting stuff, like this guy who hired a poet of Craigslist to write insult him in verse. (That’s totally a guy thing.)

NSA: Don’t care. I’ve got nothing to hide.

The backstory behind the 3,099-panel comic by the Randall Monroe, creator of xkcd.

It’s the bully trap!

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