Terrible Tuesday, I’m not dead yet!

I am however so tired I want to crawl under the table and weep. This is one of those dirty little secrets they don’t tell you when you start homeschooling: February is the worst month.  It seems to drag on forever, somebody (or everybody) always gets sick, the weather is miserable, and you start all the spring business without any of the beauty of spring. It stinks.  But hold on, it’s almost over!


Sprite’s dearest wish is to ride a shark. I’ve always said that wasn’t possible.  Never say never. 

That being said, one of the cruelest things we tell our children is that they can be anything they want to be without teaching them to count the cost.

What if we had a battery that was able to charge extremely fast and was biodegradable? How cool would that be? How cool is this!

Which is more troubling, that the police sent a Swat team on an early morning raid of a house that the alleged criminal hadn’t lived in for more than three months, or that the warrant was for the deadly crime of embezzlement?

This is just about the sweetest wedding related thing I’ve ever seen. It makes me wish me knew these people.

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Has the Smithsonian gone prepper?  Or has prepper gone mainstream? (Bonus: these make great gifts. So you can plan for natural disasters and gift giving emergencies.)

The United Nations is sometimes held to be a body that will restrain the worst impulses of men and nations.  However, it seems to me the UN just gives cover for thugs to continue behaving like thugs, yet they are allowed to take their place among “civilized” nations.  Case in point. (And yes, I’m judging some nations as generally civilized and others as generally uncivilized. Get over it.)

Tim Carney writes a beautiful tribute to a too short life.

This is the best method I’ve seen of dealing with gossip, but it only works if you’re sitting in a chair.

Fatal flaw? Maybe I’ll just carry a stadium chair with me where ever I go.  Oh, and you should click through for the hidden text. Just hover your cursor over the cartoon.

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