Terrible Tuesday, home town edition

I’m visiting my parents for a couple of days, so I’m back in my home town.   Odessa is a semi-arid dessert region where people have traditionally tried to have lush green lawns. However, since it is near the beginning of what is predicted to be a severe and long drought, water restrictions have made this a city of crunchy brown lawns.  It’s just sad. Dear Odessans, embrace xeriscaping!


Feeling the pinch of food prices? (Which are expected to rise even more because of aforementioned drought.)  Check out this handy guide to strategic shopping.

Not so strategic, The 6 most popular crime-fighting tactics that don’t work. (It’s Cracked, so language warning.)

The horrific massacre in Colorado is just heartbreaking, but out of tragedy and evil came heroic acts. Three men died shielding their girlfriends.

Less admirable, in fact down right despicable was ABC News reporter Brian Ross’s very quick, very wrong attempt to tie the murderer to the Tea Party.  As Gabriel Malor  points out, this is actually the knee jerk reaction of the “professional, careful journalists.”

See, this is the thinking of a typical tea party member: We are so mad, we are going get permits and hold a rally with patriotic speeches after which we will clean up after ourselves!  Then we’ll hold meetings in libraries and coffee shops! And then we’re going to find and support candidates that agree with our views! And campaign for them! AND VOTE!!! (And if those politicians misbehave, we’ll vote them out, too!) Yes, I can see where you would find that behavior frightening.


Palate cleanser: 34 glorious American years.  I encourage you to read the previous years, too.

Harriet Tubman, what a woman.
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Sally Ride, another amazing American woman, passed away yesterday.

A helpful, customizable checklist for babysitters.

Interesting thoughts from Erika Franz on technology and education.  I think, however, that access to technology will be less of a problem as prices continue to plummet. That is, unless the government decides to get in the game.  Government involvement in any industry generally correlates in skyrocketing prices.  See housing, medicine and education.

Speaking of government and health care, thousands of Canadians came to America to receive health care. What do we call these people? Health care refugees?

A informative and depressing infographic on the TSA.

We can’t end on that.  How about the northern and southern lights seen from space?

Happy Tuesday!

UPDATE: edited to remove the link to infographic on the TSA, per request by the linked site.


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