Terrible Tuesday: Goals

My goal: to cross the January 31 finish line if I have to drag myself across. Seriously, January, what’s your deal? This is why February only has 28 days, we all need a break after January.

Interminable month links!

A.A. Milne reads Winnie-the-Pooh.

On it’s face, using the Bible to make a papier-mâché mask is tacky. However, it has resulted in the discovery of earliest known copy of the gospel of Luke, so yay for arts and crafts!

Hero baby. Baby hero?

A Superbowl game for those who don’t want to watch the Superbowl: be the last (hu)man to hear who won the game.

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If organizing was on your resolution list, here are 50 ideas to organize your home.

The source of petrichor discovered! And filmed!

Breathtaking images: Gems under the microscope.

NASA released the largest ever image of the celestial neighbor the Andromeda galaxy.

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