Terrible Tuesday: Finding our groove

The first week back to school was very busy even for our standards, but it was successful overall. The kids are at a stage where they need me less physically. Of course, you always need your mama, but maybe not to tie your shoes. Finding shoes is a different matter.


8 common cooking mistakes you and I make. That pasta one gets me every time.

Elvis Presley: compulsive Caddie buyer.

This is a terrifying, wonderful, freaky story of a National Geographic photographer’s encounter with a Leopard Seal.

Thor’s Hammer, AKA NGC 2359, an emissions nebula in the constellation Canis Major.

Thor's hammer

On becoming a father. Awww.

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I’m just a wee bit excited about this news: Amazon’s giving you discounted digital copies of physical books you own. Squee!

I saw this last Thursday, and sward was the only word that tripped me up.


The very next day I read this from E. Nesbit’s retelling of The Winter’s Tale, “This is the prettiest low-born lass that ever ran on the green sward.”  How weird is that?

In a sad story indicative of our culture, a couple struggling with fertility throw a public snit when they find they’re pregnant with twins.

And an antidote to that, wonderful story of a family who adopt triplets and then find out they’re pregnant with twins.


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