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Terrible Tuesday: Family

I’m in my hometown this week to help out my parents with some health issues. (Nothing emergency-ish, My mom’s having a knee-replacement surgery. Prayers are much appreciated.) Coming home is always weird and a little scary. Weird, because my hometown has grown and changed so much, I hardly recognize it. Scary because these are the worst, craziest, deadliest drivers I’ve come across.

Terrified links. (Seriously, pray for us.)

This is a whale shark, AKA “the gentle giant of the sea.” It still freaks me out.

One way to save money and eat healthy is to buy in season. (Ahem, SNAP challenge participants.) Texas Blueberries are hitting the stores along with other yummy fruits and veggies. Find what’s in season in your state and region.

The Most Beautiful Ruined Moment. Have your tissues ready.

People posting your choppy 6 seconds of nothing, this is how you use Vine.

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My boys are really into maps and we’re all into history. We may just have to get this atlas showing the original names of places.

10 Everyday Words With Unexpected Origins. Like villain:

“What it means now: “A person guilty or capable of a crime or wickedness.”

“What it used to mean: A farm worker

“Everybody, especially Batman, is familiar with villains — thanks to over half a century of movies, we all know that the villain is the bad guy. Back in the 14th century though, villains were the backbone of agriculture. That is to say, they were the guys who worked on farms. The word villain is actually an old French word that pulls its roots from the word “villa,” Latin for country house.

“Over time, the meaning of the word gradually changed: Farm workers were poor, practically peasants. Peasants, being poor, are untrustworthy. Untrustworthy people commit crimes. And eventually, we ended up with the modern day definition of villain, which is a rich person who gets killed by James Bond.”

They found Thonis-Heracleion! I’ll bet you didn’t even know it was missing.

underwater egyptian


This week’s Kid Snippet is for all my librarian friends. All two of you. I need more librarian friends. Librarians are cool.

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