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Terrible Tuesday: emphathizing with the Grinch

Not in feeling grinchy about Christmas but about its relentless approach, whether I’m ready or not. “He hadn’t stopped Christmas from coming, it came! Somehow or other… it came just the same.” Oh yeah, I feel that.

Time’s-a-wasting links!

This made me do a nerdy dance of joy: time capsule opened that was buried in 1795 by Gov. Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and William Scollay.

Call me crazy, but maybe a radical change in our diets based on “well, it ought to work” wasn’t the smartest thing ever: 9 lies about fat that destroyed the world’s health.


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I know this could come in handy, I just have no idea how: The Engineering Toolbox.

Litographs: the entire text of your favorite books on a t-shirt or tote. (Well, your favorite classic literature. Copyright law, etc.)

Via The Commonroom. There’s a lot of wisdom here:


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