Terrible Tuesday: Election day disappointment

Our kids have been going with us to vote all their lives, often getting to push the final “submit your vote” button. Is that voter fraud? Moving on! My favorite voting experience was when Little Miss was about four. We had one of those lucky breaks where every line has a long wait except for the one for our name, so we were in and out in about 10 minutes. Walking out of the school, Little Miss asked, “Is that all?” “Yep,” I answered, “we just voted!” “Oh,” big pause, “I thought it had something to do with a boat.”

Lesson one: Enunciate. Lesson two: Voting is never as fun as boating, but it’s still your civic duty.

Nothing to do with a boat links!

Ten fruits and vegetables you’re storing wrong. Ya know, just once I’d like to hear about what I’m doing right.

Norwegians are unbelievably weird.

Unusually popular jobs by state. Some interesting jobs and some weird ones. Why does Vermont need so many highway maintenance workers?


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Planning to go over the river and through the woods for Thanksgiving? Here are some road trip hacks to make it easier.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Study: women with more children are more productive at work. My theory is that the more kids you have, the better you get at cutting through crap — both literal and figurative.

Amazing pictures by Canadian astronaut/musician Chris Hadfield. He’s a modern day Renaissance man.

Hadfield Nile



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