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Terrible Tuesday: ditch the plan

Uncooperative computer, delayed day because of freezing rain, general mayhem. This day mocks my plans. FINE!

Roll-with-the-punches links!

A bittersweet story about a man who has fed thousands and thousands of people in Houston for three decades. I really hope someone(s) step up to take his place.

“Schooling ain’t learning.” Although this is talking specifically about education in the developing world, that sentiment applies to education everywhere.

The Spaced-Out Challenge features Mars and Venus (now in the role of Morning Star), as well as some purty pictures.

Speaking of purty, this is an amazing picture of Mars over Monument Valley via the always amazing APOD.

 mars and orion monument valley

Soon to be released DVD of the still-lost Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan concert. Wait, what?
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Science! is just now figuring out men and women are biologically different. Bless your heart, science. Perhaps we should also tell you that the average American psych student isn’t really representative of the whole world. (That first link has a really annoying, slightly delayed autoplay ad, so mute or be prepared to hit pause accordingly.)



The stars at night! Are big and bright! *clap clap clap clap* Deep in the heart of Texas! Specifically Dripping Springs, Texas which just became the 6th Dark Sky Community in the world. Woohoo! Go, Texas! Now let’s spread some of that fight-the-light-pollution spirit to the rest of the state.

Lots of “links for listening” from the Common Room. We use this adapter (af) to listen to audio books, podcasts, and whatnot in our van. The cords do get mangled quickly, but because it’s a standard cord, it’s easy (and cheap!) to replace.

Not as good as Wedding Jitters, but one of the best Bored Shorts yet.

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