Terrible Tuesday: busy day, sick day

This week was already cross-eyed and off schedule (as evidenced by the fact that I’m throwing this together over a late lunch rather than having it scheduled), but then Bulldozer decided to get sick at occupational therapy. (Well, maybe not decided, but he did get sick.) So a half hour drive home with a vomiting kid plus a busy day that got a monkey wrench tossed into the gears.

Give me a break links!

Every state described in a single sarcastic line by a bitter resident. Mine’s accurate, is yours?

The internet is exploding with the news that Harper Lee is publishing a second novel 55 years after To Kill A Mockingbird was published. Not to be an Eeyore (but I totally am an Eeyore), I’m not expecting similar greatness from this. Unless it’s been greatly rewritten, we’re talking about a first, rejected draft from which came the glorious Mockingbird. Now it could be greatness (Plenty of great works were rejected initially), but maybe it’s not. Just saying.

Speaking of exploding, firecracker in an orange!


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Twenty-eight lessons from Pride and Prejudice.

To round up this rather book heavy Terrible Tuesday (my mental comfort food when life is tough), this is a great interview with Sarah Clarkson of the famous Clarkson clan on the story-formed life. (I’m finding a trove of treasures at her blog, Storyformed.) I also love her book o’ books, Read for the Heart.

And fin



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  1. Bas Bleu Avatar

    Thanks for sharing, April! Hope your date got better…

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