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Terrible Tuesday: breathing room

After last week (and the week before that, and the week before that), I need a break. We’re doing a whole lot of nothing this week. Well, not nothing. I’ve got a project and homeschool planning, and we still have to do our summer school schedule. We’re doing a whole lot of going nowhere. Well, a couple of places. Listen, it’s a lot less hectic than it has been.

Take a breath links!

All the Mr. Smiths on June 30 becomes Dr. Smiths on July 1. Don’t get sick in July.

You don’t give kids keys to the car without teaching them how to drive, you shouldn’t give them the keys to social media without teaching them how to navigate those highways either. Why kids crash on social media.

Beautiful and challenging C.S. Lewis quote, animated.

Here’s hoping your summer vacation plans keep you southerly.
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Potter fans got a special treat with updates from the Quidditch World Cup from Ginny Potter and a delightfully catty gossip column from Rita Skeeter. (You need a free Pottermore account to access the fun. Or kids with one.)

More Potter fun: a field guide to unusual patronuses. (Patroni?)

If you missed the supermoon last weekend, there are two more this year. I was disappointed it didn’t have a cape. But this is anything but disappointing.

July Supermoon at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park, via the @ArchesNP Twitter feed.

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