Terrible Tuesday: breaking up with the van

Yesterday, we spent the morning driving all over North Texas on a series of errands: library, Hobby Lobby (my girls are trying to cover our house in yarn, like a house coozie), and the thrift store. Then the boys and I dropped off the girls and went to speech and to the best smelling store on the planet, Penzeys Spices. Then we had basketball practice way over there, and then. Then we came home, the girls and I quickly got gussied up and got in the car to go to a cello concert at UNT. Because of the hideous construction traffic on I-35, we went the back way, but because my GPS has apparently been drinking, we got there just after the concert ended. And we drove home.

I am so done with driving. So we’ll be loading up for the 350 mile trip to my hometown.

Sigh. Links.

For a meatball, a cat will not pee in your shoes. Maybe. But a dog will give you his undying loyalty.

Anyone notice that introverts have gotten really chatty all of the sudden? I find it an interesting development, one I’m not completely comfortable with as an introvert. But I found this letter from an introvert to the world pretty accurate.

You have to admire this man’s dedication to a joke. A really, really bad joke.

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What a beautiful love story: couple married 65 years dies 10 minutes apart.

Tips for Black Friday on-line shopping. All the sales, none of the people!

20 quotes from children’s books. This is my favorite from the selection, but they’re all wonderful.




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