Terrible Tuesday: Blood red yawn

Because today is Terrible Tuesday, we didn’t wake up all the kids for the lunar eclipse, just Little Miss, our budding astronomer. We’ve got 3 other shots at a lunar eclipse over the next 18 months.

If you slept in, it looked like something this:

lunar eclipse

Very tired links.

Calling out the trolls. Lots of wisdom from this sheriff.

Rethinking our relationship with germs. Long, but very interesting article. Also lots of talk about poop, so you might not want to read it over lunch.

4 tips for having a minimalist wardrobe. Somebody do this for me.

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Study finds benefits of circumcision outweigh risks.

Drug all the kids! Or not.

New violins beat out old violins in a blind test. This reminds me of the story of violinist Joshua Bell playing in the subway. I think how we enjoy — or don’t enjoy — an experience depends on our expectations?

Good doggie.

Happy *yawn* Tuesday.

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