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Terrible Tuesday: Back in the car

School still doesn’t start till next week, but all the appointments are now back on the calendar. That means an extra six hours in the car a week, which means the return of audio books! This year is slightly different because the girls will not be trekking to the boys therapy appointments this year, so we’ll be listening to a boys audio book and a whole crew audio book. The boys are fond of the Hank the Cowdog series (and I am, too), and fortunately, there are a ton of those.

Traveling stories links!

The Spaced-Out Challenge gives us the dog days of summer. Hey! That’s where that comes from!

Don’t you love it when you find out something you’ve already been doing is scientifically sound? Drinking coffee before a workout improves your performance. I’m accidentally brilliant!

Ya know, there’s a difference between “It costs $245,000 to raise a child” and “the average person spends $245,000 to raise a child.” This chart proves that first statement is incorrect.

One of my favorite Twitter accounts: Bears Acting Human.
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bears acting human

The Metropolitan Museum of Art puts 400,000 high-resolution images online for free!

Spoilsport, grinch, selfish jerk. I actually think the man who broke the pay it forward streak has a good point. Coerced goodwill gestures aren’t really goodwill gestures. And this article explains how you aren’t really paying anything forward anyway. I’m a little disturbed that our generosity has to be crowdsourced these days. Can’t we just be spontaneously and independently kind? Random acts of kindness and all that jazz?

Meta Kid’s Snippet.


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