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Terrible Tuesday: Avoiding the chaos

For over a month, I have been putting off cleaning my guest room/office. It was a mess before the holidays, but it also becomes a storeroom during Christmas as we shove extra boxes and whatnot (lots of whatnot) in there. It is, to put it bluntly, a disaster zone.

Moreover, there are some important papers that got put on the desk that I need. So I’ll have to sift through the layers, and do it soon, or face the consequences. I don’t really like facing consequences.

Resigning myself to the inevitable links!

The Spaced-Out Challenge is a tribute to John Dobson, a pioneer of amateur astronomy.

The Jamaican bobsled team qualified for the Olympics, and now they’re crowdfunding their way to Sochi. Cool runnings!

I got this via my sister, and it’s just awesome: Thomas Jefferson and the moose.

The earth never ceases to amaze me.

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good citizen

The number of students in Texas grew 37% between 1992 and 2009, the number of administrators and other non-teaching staffers grew 172%. It seems like schools have a problem doing math.

How to paint laminate furniture. If you want some practice, I have many opportunities for you to try. Because I’m a giver.

Matt Walsh has a great take on that um, interesting educational poster for middle school students: Hey, public schools: it’s time for a separation of sex and state.

Shocking dash cam video!

2 responses to “Terrible Tuesday: Avoiding the chaos”

  1. Mary Holley Avatar
    Mary Holley

    The very best way to get motivated to clean your guest room is to have someone come to visit! I know. Mine is now very nice thank you:)

    1. April Avatar

      You’re welcome!

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